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  1. Reddit data in Bigquery: For those who do not know what Bigquery is, Google BigQuery is an enterprise data warehouse that solves this problem by enabling super-fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google's infrastructure.. Best part is querying this data would be free. Google provides first 10GB of storage and first 1 TB of querying memory free as part of free tier and we require.
  2. 11 votes, 10 comments. Check out our announcement for COVID-19 related datasets sharing in BigQuery, starting with the JHU tables (and more): Please
  3. 107 votes, 82 comments. Dataset published and compiled by , in . Tables available on BigQuery at . Sample visualization: Most common reddit
  4. All within BigQuery. No need to export and use of 3th party APIs. So if you have millions of points or features in BigQuery this is the tool you need. On the following video you can see how we visualize the 437M building footprints available in OpenStreetMap (all availble on bigquery-public-data)
  5. r/bigquery: All about Google BigQuery. Hi all, I'm a jack of many trades and master of none! As such, I've hit my limit of knowledge and I'm looking for assistance (contracted and paid of course)
  6. I'm looking at the reddit dataset, and an older question that looks into finding bi-grams with BigQuery - however the answer to that question doesn't work well with URLs, quotes, etc. Is there a be..

Datasets publicly available on BigQuery (reddit.com) Sharing a dataset with the public. You can share any of your datasets with the public by changing the dataset's access controls to allow access by All Authenticated Users. For more information about setting dataset access controls, see Controlling access to datasets The dataset aggregates data from the following 2 BigQuery datasets: GDELT BigQuery dataset ; Reddit BigQuery dataset; It is also available as a BigQuery dataset. Acknowledgements. We would like to thank: Kalev Leetaru from GDELT, a global news data repository. Nick Caldwell from Reddit; Jason Baumgartner from pushshift.io, the source for Reddit. BigQuery datasets are subject to the following limitations: You can set the geographic location at creation time only. After a dataset has been created, the location becomes immutable and can't be changed by using the Cloud Console, using the bq command-line tool,. BigQuery create table error: dataset not found in location Hot Network Questions In Bayesian statistics, data is considered nonrandom but can have a probability or be conditioned on

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Data Background. Reddit data was compiled and published by Redditor /u/Stuck_In_the_Matrix in the post _I have every publicly available Reddit comment for research. ~ 1.7 billion comments @ 250 GB compressed. Any interest in this?_ on /r/datasets.These data sets were then uploaded onto Google's BigQuery by Felipe Hoffa (), who is a Google Cloud Developer Advocate > Since the full dataset is ~285GB, you only get 4 queries per month. That's only true if your 4 queries need to read every single column. One of the big advantages of BigQuery's column-oriented storage is that you only pay to read the columns that are actually needed to answer your query Final dataset thus comprises of all those authors (from 100K authors sample) who made non-zero posts to top 2000 subreddits. query = WITH posts AS ( SELECT author, subreddit, COUNT(*) as n_posts FROM `fh-bigquery.reddit_posts.2017_09` WHERE score > 0 AND over_18 IS FALSE GROUP BY author, subreddit HAVING n_posts > 1 ). Content. This dataset contains the username of any reddit account that has left at least one comment, and their number of comments. This data was grabbed in December 2017 from the Reddit comments dataset hosted on Google BigQuery.It should be current up to November 2017

When BigQuery dataset is made public, all tables which belong to that dataset are public. I'm putting information into list of dictionaries. I'll describe whole process in some other article Dataset published and compiled by /u/Stuck_In_the_Matrix, in r/datasets. The dataset is ~1.7 billion JSON objects complete with the comment, score, author, subreddit, position in comment tree and other fields that are available through Reddit's API There are GDELT and Reddit BigQuery datasets already, but we wanted to do a deeper sentiment analysis on the raw content of news articles and Reddit posts and comments, and for that we used the.

As terrifying a thought as it might be, Jason from Pushshift.io has extracted pretty much every Reddit comment from 2007 through to May 2015 that isn't protected, and made it available for download and analysis. This is about 1.65 million comments, in JSON format. It's pretty big, so you can download it via a torrent, as per th Start by using the BigQuery Web UI to view your data. From the menu icon in the Cloud Console, scroll down and press BigQuery to open the BigQuery Web UI. Next, run the following command in the BigQuery Web UI Query Editor. This will return 10 full rows of the data from January of 2017: select * from fh-bigquery.reddit_posts.2017_01 limit 10

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from google.cloud import bigquery # Construct a BigQuery client object. client = bigquery.Client() # TODO(developer): Set dataset_id to the ID of the dataset that contains # the tables you are listing. # dataset_id = 'your-project.your_dataset' tables = client.list_tables(dataset_id) # Make an API request I am trying to set permissions on BigQuery in order to have users being able to see and query tables on one dataset but being able to edit, create and delete tables on another dataset. I'm not able to figure out how to do this dataset-level segregation on the Cloud Platform Console Join Telegram: Telegram Link: https://t.me/TechieZillaPlease do like, share and subscribe!Lab Link: https://www.qwiklabs.com/focuses/8486?parent=catalogCopy. BigQueryでは、データを格納するための要素として「データセット」というものが存在します。 当エントリでは、Google BigQueryにおける「データセット」の作成や管理の方法について、実際にコンソール上やプログラム経由で触ってみながら、基本的な部分について理解を深めていきたいと思います Snippet of data loaded into BigQuery via a Cloud Function. With this deployed, we now we have a repeatable and robust data load process for loading data into BigQuery

google_bigquery_dataset. Datasets allow you to organize and control access to your tables. To get more information about Dataset, see: API documentation; How-to Guides. Datasets Intro; Warning: You must specify the role field using the legacy format OWNER instead of roles/bigquery.dataOwner I am using the flight dataset that you are guided through creating when you create a new project in BigQuery. It contains 7,95 gb of data and 70.588.485 rows with 10 years of flight data from jan 2002 until dec 2012. (To work with incremental refresh I will add 8 years to all dates) Setting up incremental refresh for this dataset Let's start with using the BigQuery Web UI to view our data. From the menu icon, scroll down and press BigQuery to open the BigQuery Web UI. Next, run the following command in the BigQuery Web UI Query Editor. This will return 10 full rows of the data from January of 2016: select * from `fh-bigquery.reddit_posts.2016_01` limit 10

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Console . In the Cloud Console, open the BigQuery page. Go to BigQuery. In the Explorer panel, expand your project and select a dataset.. Note: The default experience is the Preview Cloud Console. If you clicked Hide preview features to go to the Generally Available Cloud Console, then perform the following step instead: In the navigation panel, in the Resources section, expand your project. Mashing datasets in BigQuery It's quite easy to execute a weather query from your analytics program and merge the result with other corporate data. If that other data is on BigQuery, you can combine it all in a single query! For example, another BigQuery dataset that's publicly available is airline on-time arrival data `fh-bigquery.reddit_comments.20*` Now, I should be mention that we can optimize this query a bit by restricting the tables iterated over to just the time after Thu Aug 7 08:16:29 2008, which is when /r/UIUC was created. Though, the total savings would be less than 1 GB. So, for the sake of simplicity, we're just going to use the asterisk. The BigQuery dataset for Reddit comments only goes up to 2019-09 hence why the analysis stops there; I want to see if we go down to a more granular timeframe for Bitcoin prices what happens to the graph and if we can see a predictive effect. Bitcoin Reddit comment frequency is somewhat predictiv

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Brandon Punturo posted a great article in January which explored the usage of traditional machine learning techniques on the transparency report dataset along with a a selection of Reddit comments acquired using Google BigQuery. He used AUC as a performance metric to measure how accurate his classifier was, with penalties for false positives and negatives Share on reddit. BigQuery Tip — Execute Multiple Queries in a Single Tab. Whether you're using BigQuery to explore a dataset or work on a company project, we spoke with over 2,000 BigQuery users to learn how we could help them get the most out of BigQuery Free dataset: all Reddit comments available for download As terrifying a thought as it might be, Jason from Pushshift.io has extracted pretty much every Reddit comment from 2007 through to May 2015 that isn't protected, and made it available for download and analysis Google BigQuery Public Datasets. Google BigQuery is not only a fantastic tool to analyze data, but it also has a repository of public data, including GDELT world events database, NYC Taxi rides, GitHub archive, Reddit top posts, and more. By Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets, Feb 20, 2015. Google software engineer Felipe Hoffa recently posted a. The data profiling feature within the RA Warehouse dbt Framework we blogged about and published to Github last week makes it easy to capture the following column-level object stats and metadata for an entire dataset (schema) of tables and views in Google BigQuery. Count of nulls, not nulls and percentage null. Whether column is Not Nullable

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BigQuery's window into the PushShift dataset only contained data from May to August 2018; hence, the aforementioned limit on the time range was applied both to constrain the dataset's size and to normalize the two queried tables' sampled ranges. Taking the Reddit comment data as an example, this data was stored as an SQL table that include The answer is that the dataset must be very similar to the Algolia one, since both get their data from the same source: the Hacker News official API on Firebase. (but Algolia keeps it up-to-date in realtime, while I haven't written anything to keep the BigQuery one updated - yet Check out their dataset collections. Reddit: datasets and requests of data on a dedicated discussion board. Reddit is a social news site with user-contributed content and discussion boards called subreddits. Google Public datasets: data analysis with the BigQuery tool in the cloud Now I had data from two sources in BigQuery. To make it available in Data Studio, I signed in, then clicked on Data Sources, then the new ( +) button, and followed Google's documentation for creating data sources. I selected my project, dataset, and table, then clicked Connect. The next screen lets you make changes to the fields in your table.

dannguyen / bigquery-bioinformatics-links.md. Created Dec 5, 2015. Star 1 Fork 0; Star Code Revisions 1 Stars 1. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Clone via HTTPS. Fine tuning GPT-2 and generating text for reddit. The major advantage of using GPT-2 is that it has been pre-trained on a massive dataset of millions of pages of text on the internet. However, if you were to use GPT-2 straight out-of-the-box, you'd end up generating text that could look like anything you might find on the internet In honor of today being April 20th, I thought it would be interesting to do some NLP on Reddit comments about marijuana (shout out to Yufeng Guo for this idea!). My teammate Felipe Hoffa has conveniently made all Reddit comments available in BigQuery, so I took a subset of those comments and ran them through Google's Natural Language API Webapp is powered by the sigma.js gephi export tool provided by the Oxford Internet Institute, with some bug fixes and tweaks via Randal Olson and some additional customizations by me. Inference was performed on the reddit public comments dataset collected and maintained by /u/stuck_in_the_matrix and published to Google Bigquery by Felipe Hoffa

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For reference, the name of the dataset is bigquery-public-data:new_york_taxi_trips. This Dataset contains taxi rides partitioned by taxi company and year. For the purposes of this post, I will be using tlc_yellow_trips_2018 table because it is the most recent and has nearly 18GBs of raw data Top N Per Group in BigQuery. October 30, 2017. 5 minute read. EDIT: After I posted this initially, I got some great feedback, so I wrote a follow-up post here. In this post, we are going to explore a strategy for collecting the Top N results per Group over a mixed dataset, all in a single query. I stumbled onto this solution the other day. ☰Menu Automatic builds and version control of your BigQuery views Feb 19, 2020 #DataHem #BigQuery #Views #Cloud Build We (MatHem) has finally moved our BigQuery view definitions to GitHub and automized builds so that whenever someone in the data team modify/add a view definition and push/merge that to the master or develop branch it triggers a build of our views in our production/test. BigQuery. With BigQuery, you can query GHTorrent's MySQL dataset using an SQL-like language (lately, BigQuery also supports vanilla SQL); more importantly, you can join the dataset with other open datasets (e.g. GitHub's own project data, Reddit, TravisTorrent etc) hosted on BigQuery

All the open source code in GitHub is now available in BigQuery. Go ahead, analyze it all. In this post you'll find the related resources I know of so far: Update: I know I said all — but it's no I hope this BigQuery hack helps you track total rankings in a way that is more visually interesting and scalable. More Resources: Why Keyword Research Is Useful for SEO & How to Ran Dr Tim Squirrell is a writer, broadcaster and researcher. He focusses on internet culture and extremism, specialising in the far right and misogynist extremists. I first came across the word cuck in mid-2015, when a video of a speech I gave at the Oxford Union on the topic of freedom of speech and the right to offend received a modicum of. Did you realize that you can connect your Cognos Analytics system to a cloud-based big data analytics warehouse? You can, and it's not that difficult to set up Google BigQuery in Cognos Analytics. Google's BigQuery analytics warehouse offering is pretty compelling Polygon, the full-stack scaling solution for Ethereum, formerly known as Matic Network, has announced the integration of Polygon Blockchain Datasets into Google BigQuery, enabling the querying and.

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You can create persistent UDFs within the BigQuery sandbox without a credit card. They will be persisted indefinitely (beyond the default 60 day storage for tables in the same dataset). To make my UDFs usable by anyone, I shared the dataset containing them with allAuthenticatedUsers You can find the new table with the BigQuery web UI, or using the REST based API to integrate these queries and dataset with your own software. To get started with BigQuery, you can visit our check out our site and the What is BigQuery introduction. You can post questions and get quick answers about BigQuery usage and development on Stack. Reddit uses UNIX timestamps to format date and time. Instead of manually converting all those entries, or using a site like www.unixtimestamp.com, we can easily write up a function in Python to automate that process. We define it, call it, and join the new column to dataset with the following code Tezos Commons, a U.S.-based non-profit organization founded by the Tezos community, has announced the integration of a Tezos dataset into Google BigQuerry, a highly scalable, multi-cloud data warehouse.. The initiative would help Tezos users query a large amount of data, monitor gas costs and smart contracts' calls, and query transactions in a more organized and straightforward manner using.

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A Data Pipeline unifies your team's data in one place. It is not a specific piece of technology. It is a way of liberation. A pipeline combines into a single database (whether that's in Sheets, BigQuery, or elsewhere): The raw data that your team uses. The standardized business logic your team applies to that data GH Archive is a project to record the public GitHub timeline, archive it, and make it easily accessible for further analysis. GitHub provides 20+ event types, which range from new commits and fork events, to opening new tickets, commenting, and adding members to a project. These events are aggregated into hourly archives, which you can access. Finally, you can also access the data via Google BigQuery: Google BigQuery of all Reddit comments. The BigQuery tables appear to be updated over time, while the torrent isn't, so this is also a fine option. I am personally going to be using the torrent, because it is totally free, so, if you want to follow along exactly, you'll need that, but. NYC Taxis: A Day in the Life. This visualization displays the data for one random NYC yellow taxi on a single day in 2013. See where it operated, how much money it made, and how busy it was over 24 hours. A Special Thanks goes out to Mapbox and Heroku for assistance with covering the surge of activity when this project was first released in 2014

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Poking around in the official list of #reddit #trollfactory or internet research agency accounts. I'm using the Reddit @googleanalytics BigQuery dataset. so the submissions only go back to december 2015 https:. Hedera-ETL populates a BigQuery dataset with transactions and records generated by the Hedera mainnet or testnet, pulled from public AWS and GCP buckets. The ETL tool uses the same ingestion software as the mirror node software but, instead of publishing the data to the mirror node database, it's pushed straight into Google BigQuery Thanks to @jasonbaumgartne 's new Reddit dataset on BigQuery, you can look at Reddit data in near real-time at low cost. Here's a query to get the subreddits with the most submissions in the past 24 hours: Wait, what

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A. Set the BigQuery dataset to be regional. In the event of an emergency, use a point-in-time snapshot to recover the data. B. Set the BigQuery dataset to be regional. Create a scheduled query to make copies of the data to tables suffixed with the time of the backup Iowa Liquor Sales dataset via Socrata/data.iowa.gov (preliminary exploration) The state of Iowa has released an 800MB+ dataset of more than 3 million rows showing weekly liquor sales, broken down by liquor category, vendor, and product name, e.g. STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKIES, Jim Beam Brands, Maker's Mark. This dataset contains the spirits purchase information of Iowa Class E liquor.

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Dataset Description; measurement-lab.ndt.* Unified Views in the ndt dataset present a stable, long term supported unified schema for all ndt datatypes (web100, ndt5, ndt7), and filter to only provide tests meeting our team's current understanding of completeness & research quality as well as removing rows resulting from M-Lab's operations and monitoring systems Google BigQuery is a fully managed Big Data platform to run queries against large scale data. In this article you will learn how to integrate Google BigQuery data into Microsoft SQL Server using SSIS.We will leverage highly flexible JSON based REST API Connector and OAuth Connection to import / export data from Google BigQuery API just in a few clicks BigQuery Rolls Out New Set Of SQL Features. These new capabilities will give BigQuery users a more user-friendly SQL. Recently, Google announced its newest set of SQL features in BigQuery that provides new ways of storing and analyzing all your data. The announcement brings the GA of BIGNUMERIC data type which supports 76 digits of precision. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the study of deriving insight and conducting analytics on textual data. As the amount of writing generated on the internet continues to grow, now more than ever, organizations are seeking to leverage their text to gain information relevant to their businesses

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