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  1. al incision. 23. Retractors Self retaining abdo
  2. al hysterectomy and caesarean section, as well as retractions of the urinary bladder. Jimy is providing variant of size
  3. al Retractors ABDOMINAL RETRACTORS. Aesculap Surgical Instruments Abdo
  4. Doyen: Length: 9-3/4 Tip Dimensions: 3-1/2 x 2 Tip Configuration: Blade: Instrument Type: Retractor: Material: Stainless Steel: Disposable or Reusable: Reusable: Sterile or Non-Sterile: Non-Sterile: Latex or Latex-Free: Latex-Free: Grade: Premium OR-Grad
  5. It is a versatile handheld retractor that is used in multiple procedures. It may be used in dentistry, wrist and hand procedures, or in hernia repair to name a few. 6
  6. Dr. Brian Dowling, the inventor, has been using the Dowling Spay Retractor since 2004 and has performed 4,000+ successful procedures. Please watch this video as well as our other videos that show you exactly how to use the Dowling Spay Retractor. This opens in a new window. The knot demonstrated in the above video is correctly named Strangle Knot.

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Surgical instruments 1. INSTRUMENTS<br />MOHAMMAD AMIR<br />JJM MEDICAL COLLEGE<br />INDIA<br /> 2. RAMPLEY'S SWAB HOLDING FORCEPS<br />Used for cleansing the skin with swab<br />It is used for removing laminated membrane and daughter cysts from Hydatid cyst.<br />Used to hold fundus and Hartman's pouch during cholecystectomy.<br /> Learn how to use the Umbrella™ retractor - a simple, straightforward, and extremely easy to place tongue, lip, and cheek tongue retractor that is incredibly. Giraffe Tools Retractable garden hose reel has 5/8 feet 90 inches or 1/2 feet 130 inches top-grade garden hose. The hose can be adjusted at any length

Doyen is the head of the diplomatic corps, the senior diplomatic representative in diplomatic class and by the time of accreditation in a given country. In many Catholic countries, the doyen of the diplomatic corps is the Apostolic Nuncio , in a number of former colonies in Africa — the ambassador of the former metropolis Doyens Retractor offered is used as a handheld retractor and is available in two distinct styles. Details: Mainly used in abdominal OB/GYN procedures like procedures for ectopic pregnancies, abdominal hysterectomies, cesarean section deliveries; Available in stainless steel material finis

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Price: 10000.0 - 1.0 lakh INR (Approx.) Min. Order Quantity: 100 Unit. Get Latest Price. Doyen Abdominal Retractor that we are offering is a best in line surgical instrument. It is a handheld retractor available in vari... Product Details Doyen definition is - the senior member of a body or group. How to use doyen in a sentence. Did You Know Categories: Retractors. Usage/Application: Orthopedic Surgery. Material Grade: 410. Quantity Per Pack: 10 Pieces Per Pack. Brand: Mintex. Material: Stainless Stee Radha Meditech - Offering Doyen Retractor, For Gynecology Instrument in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Get best price and read about company. Get contact details and address | ID: 2290039739 Richardson retractors can be used to grasp the soft tissue of the body's internal organs. A Richardson retractor is a handheld medical instrument used during chest or abdominal surgery. Such retractors feature a handle and a long shaft with a wide hook, known as a blade, at the end. Surgeons use the blade to grasp soft tissue such as skin.

The Alexis O C-section protector/retractor provides 360 degrees of circumferential, atraumatic retraction and protection during Cesarean section. The Alexis O C-section protector/retractor has been shown to reduce scar pain, post-op analgesics, blood loss, and surgical site infections Jullundur (jalandhar) surgicals enterprisesare engaged in manufacturing and supplying the high quality assortment of doyen retractor. Jullundur Enterprise. Chandni Chowk, Delhi 1568- A, G-22-23, Bhagirath Palace Chandni Chowk, Chandni Chowk, Delhi - 110006, Delhi. TrustSEAL Verified Mount SynFrame Retractor to Guide Rod Laterally insert a Retractor into the end of the Guide Rod and rotate 90°. Tighten the swiveling clamp of the Guide Rod using the socket wrench. This allows the Retractor to be held in the Guide Rod mechanism while remaining adjustable. Position Retractors Snap the Retractor and Guide Rod assembl Doyen definition, the senior member, as in age, rank, or experience, of a group, class, profession, etc. See more

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The Doyen Retractor is a broad based retractor used to pull back soft tissues and widen the surgical field. This is useful in laparotomies and pelvic surgeries like abdominal hysterectomy and caesarean section, as well asretractionsof the urinary bladder. The retractor has an overall length of 28 cm. Similarly, you may ask, how do you hold a. Let's dig a little deeper: Most surgical instruments can be classified into 4 basic types : Cutting and Dissecting. Clamping and Occluding. Retracting and Exposing. Grasping and Holding. Given our expertise in self retaining retractors with integrated lighting, we thought it prevalent to discuss number three (Retracting and Exposing)

Here are the Instruments used In Gynecology and Obstetrics with uses, Indications, contraindications and snippet of procedures. GYNAECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS, Instruments In Gynecology. Instruments In Obstetrics, Artery Forceps, Babcock's Forceps, Cusco Speculum, Doyen Retractor, Episiotomy Scissors, Foleys Catheter, Hegars Dilator The Hook and Doyen retractor apparatus uses hooks and an adjustable chain to attach a retractor placed under the pannus to a railing across the upper end of the operating table. Care must be used as the pannus is displaced on the maternal abdomen and may lead to hypotension and respiratory difficulties, especially if the patient is under regional anesthesia [ 64 ]

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-self-retaining retractor (holds tension to tissues to keep them open once the box locks are set)-used to expand (retract) tissues for better viewing doyen periosteal elevator (doyen raspatory) stille-giertz rib shears. perkins endaural retractor. bakes common duct dilators. balfour w/ bladder blade The vaginal speculum plays a vital role in monitoring and diagnosing the overall women's reproductive health conditions. It is the main gynecology instruments use in performing Pap smear. The process is not painful, however, this can cause some discomforts especially for patients who are doing the Pap smear for the first time in their life Veterinary Surgical Instruments Retractors. Welcome to our product range of veterinary surgical retractors. Our range includes Langenbeck-Green hand held retractors Deaver retractors in several sizes and Volkmann two prong sharp. Manufactured in premium stainless steel. All our surgical Instruments has a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee

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For surgery instrument quiz Surgical instruments study guide by rmayhew includes 66 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades The Balfour retractor is self-retaining and need not be held once it is inserted freeing the assistant's hands. 10. Haemostatic clamps such as Gwilliams and Rogers are often used for hysterectomy. They are sturdy and have atraumatic jaws which allow for minimal tissue trauma Doyen Abdominal Doyen Abdominal Doyen Abdominal Doyen Abdominal Retractor 48x90mm Retractor 48x105mm Retractor 48x120mm Retractor 48x135mm 280mm, 11 280mm, 11 280mm, 11 280mm, 11 . ORT-567-568 ORT-569-570 ORT-571. Other Instruments (in alphabetical order): AMEROID CONSTRICTOR: Ameroid constrictor An ameroid constrictor is a device used to slowly and gradually occlude a shunt (often used for extrahepatic portosystemic shunts). By gradually occluding the shunting vessel, the ameroid constrictor allows for vascular compensation preventing sudden portal hypertension Doyen's Towel Clip: It has curved blades at the distal end which cross over in a figure of 8 pattern and ends have tapering points. Uses: To hold sterile towel in position. Moynihan's Tetra Clip: It has two pairs of teeth on either side of the blade. It has long flat and slightly curved needles. It has a rachet. Uses: 1

Deaver is a deep tissue retractor hence it is used to retract viscera like liver, stomach, duodenum etc. Surgical Procedure: The retractor is used to retract liver in surgical procedures like cholecystectomy (removal of the gall bladder), vagotomy (the vagus nerve resection) and in cases of repair of duodenal ulcer perforation You are here: Home General Lap & Bariatric Instruments St. Mark's Deep Pelvic Retractor with Doyen Handles. St. Mark's Deep Pelvic Retractors with Doyen Handles High-quality, US-made retractors for pelvic and abdominal open surgery procedures. Commonly used for deep retraction during anterior resection

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Senn Retractor: It is a manual tissue retractor, with double tip. One of the tips has three sharp hooks, which allows fixating the tissues more precisely, and is mostly used to hold fat tissue. The other end is made up of a single, wider and less traumatic hook Instruments ent ppt with uses otorhinolaryngology ent. 1. Instruments TONY TONY. 2. Boyle Davis Mouth Gag TONY. 3. Boyle Davis Mouth Gag • Keeps mouth open • Puts tongue down • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty • Nasopharynx • Adenoidectomy • Huge antrochoanal polyp • Rhinosporidiosis • Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma • Oropharynx.

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  1. DOYEN Vaginal Retractor 85 x 35mm; DOYEN Vaginal Retractor 85 x 35mm. 240x600. DOYEN Vaginal Retractor 85 x 35mm. DOYEN Vaginal Retractor 85 x 35mm. SKU: 55-0321: LOGIN TO SEE PRICING. Quantity. Add to cart. Enquire about this Product | Add to pre-order template. Description. DOYEN Vaginal Retractor 85 x 35m
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  3. imal measure of exorbitant weight on lung tissue in order to.

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  1. Doyen Style Retractor Endoscopy X - Find RFQ detail Skin Retractor, Hohmann Retractor from Ital
  2. Jansen retractor is a self holding surgical instrument utilized to keep opened operational area. It is a blunt and 3x3 prongs hand tool. Jansen Retractor, 10cm, 3x3 Blunt Prongs, 13mm Deep Doyen-baby Intestinal Forceps, 17cm and 23cm.. $19.90. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List
  3. A strong base in proprietary technology makes SUBEDAR SURGICAL INDUSTRIES a leading provider of surgical instruments of various uses as of Ophthopedic, Beauty, Bodycare, and general Surgical Instruments. SUBEDAR SURGICAL INDUSTRIES offers a wide array of products (scissors, forceps, needle holders, scalpels, knives, retractors
  4. Cutting & Dissecting Cutting instruments have sharp edges. They are used to dissect, incise, separate, or excise tissue. Most instrument sets will include #3 and #7 knife handles & suture, curved mayo, metz and tenotomy scissors
  5. Doyen Retractor Large Ring Handles 115mm Width Blade 215mm. Buy Doyen Retractor Large Ring Handles 115mm Width Blade 215mm with free UK delivery. Full range of surgical instruments, medical instruments, and surgical equipment from Health and Care


Doyen Retractor (Abdominal Retractor ) Posted today, 17:33 Nairobi Central, Nairobi, Kenya 2 views New Condition Hospital Equipments Type new,pakstan product ,stainless steel 0742141846 KSh 6,500. GPC Medical Ltd. - Mastoid Retractor - Small, Medium, Large manufacturing company from India. We export and supply high quality Mastoid Retractor - Small, Medium, Large at best price. Browse our Mastoid Retractor - Small, Medium, Large catalogue online and request a free quote now The Doyen's retractor is removed after the hand or forceps blade is applied and before head extraction. Suction for the foetus is carried out before delivery of the head. In breech or transverse lie the foetus is extracted as breech AE-BT721R, DOYEN ABDOMINAL RETRACTOR 48X 90 MM 280 mm, 11″. AE-BT715R, ROCHARD ABDOMINAL RETRACTOR 48X155 MM 310 mm, 12 1/4″. AE-BT714R, ROCHARD ABDOMINAL RETRACTOR 48X135 MM 310 mm, 12 1/4″. AE-BT713R, ROCHARD ABDOMINAL RETRACTOR 48X120 MM 310 mm, 12 1/4″

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Doyen Abdominal Retractor 9 3/4 - 60-1797 VISIT MERCHANT 'Online Medical Supply' - CLICK HERE Sold by: Each Size: 9 3/4 Description: 3 1/2 x 2 Blad Product features DOYEN RETRACTOR 9, BLADE SIZE 1.75 X 3 MADE IN HIGH GRADE STAINLESS STEEL GAURANTEED SATISFACTION AND VALUE FOR MONEY OdontoMed2011® Instruments OdontoMed2011® PRODUCTS OFFER A HANDMADE TOUCH TO EACH INSTRUMENT Doyen Clamp 23c Auvard Weighted Vaginal Speculum 65 x 38-28 mmAuvard Vaginal Speculum features a shallow half blade at a right angle to the blade, which has a spherical weight. The instrument is used in obstetrics to keep the vaginal canal open to keep the surgeon's hands-free during the procedure. The weighted sp

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Doyen Intestinal Forceps are widely used to grasp the intestinal tissues securely during surgical procedures. They are commonly used in laparotomy and intestinal processes. They are made from high-grade German surgical stainless steel and can be reused after sterilization. SKU: G11-175. Availability: In Stock PAYR INTESTINAL CLAMP. Randall Kidney Stone Forceps set of 4. Gwilliam Hysterectomy Clamp. MainGot Hysterectomy Clamp. Heaney Hysterectomy Clamp. Hysterectomy Clamp Serrated. Intestinal Denis Brown forcep. Myomectomy Clamp. Categories Medical Instruments Retractor 23 Double retractor blunt 23 Round sharp hook 23 Blunt retractor 23 Sharp retractor articulated 23 Retractor 2 prongs 24 Retractor 3 prongs 24 Check Doyen Doyen Canuyt. 4 DOCUMENT FOR USE IN EUROPE, MIDDLE-EAST AND AFRICA ONLY. Mouth-gag frame 3734152 7803C Palatine blade 7803B Mac-Ivo


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1568/8, Bhagirath Market, Bhagirath Palace, Chandni Chowk, Delhi - 110006, Delhi. TrustSEAL Verified. View Mobile Number. Call +91-8049473233. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Retractor Czerny Ask Price. With the introduction of contemporary machinery, techniques and tools, we are immersed in presenting an extensive spectrum of Retractor. Find listing of companies trading Doyen retractor in Pakistan. Join the list of leading Pakistan Doyen retractor, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters & wholesalers offering wide spectrum of Doyen retractor at tradeindia.co Uses of Balfour Retractor. Balfour Retractor is used in laparotomy practices to hold the incision or wound opening. It may also be used for particular abdominal methods where the abdomen has to be kept open for assessment or evaluation, such as cesarean sections, ablation of the intestines, ruptured diaphragm repair, liver, and gastric surgeries How to say doyen in English? Pronunciation of doyen with 2 audio pronunciations, 5 synonyms, 1 meaning, 11 translations, 3 sentences and more for doyen Surgical Spey Kit. Surgical Spey Kit. 4 x Towel clamps (X-action) 4 x Crile Artery forceps. 1 x Spey hook. 2 x Carmalt artery forceps. 4 x Mosquito forceps 13cm. 1 x Scalpel handle No. 4. 1 x Tissue forceps 1:2

Close. Enable Notifications OK No thanks OK No thank Surgical Instrument. Our range of products include Lahey Cholecystectomy Forceps, Desjardine Gallstone Forceps, Millin Prostatic Capsule Forcep, Boney Uterine Polypus Forcep, Schroeder Uterine Volsellum Forcep and Volkmann Sharp Blunt Retractor. Lahey Cholecystectomy Forceps. Rs 100/ Piece Cesarean Section Instrument Kit (C-Section Set) Contains: Mayo Scissors 17cm TC Straight 01 Pcs. Mayo Scissors 17cm TC Curved 01 Pcs. Mayo Hager Needle Holder 16cm TC 01 Pcs. Heaney Needle Holder 21cm TC 01 Pcs. Scalpel Handle #4 01 Pcs. Blades for Scalpel Handle #4 04 Pcs. Dissection Forceps 16cm 01 Pcs. Tissue Forceps 1:2 16cm 01 Pcs Hitta perfekta Retractor bilder och redaktionellt nyhetsbildmaterial hos Getty Images. Välj mellan premium Retractor av högsta kvalitet

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Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Doyen's retractor Kocher's forceps with toothed jaw Disposable manual mucous sucker Straight needle holding forceps Willet's scalp traction forceps Jardine's decapitation hook with knife Jardine's decapitation hook with knife. A cranioclast A cranioclast. Budine's cannula. Hook with croche DEAVER RETRACTORS A Deaver retractor is a surgical instrument used to hold the edges of an abdominal or chest incision open so that the surgeon is able to reach the underlying organs. It is a thin, flat instrument with curved ends. The curved ends of the retractor are placed at the edges of the incision and held there b Enter and submit your email address below. A one-time reset password link will be sent to your email address Hemostatic Forceps Hemostatic forceps are crushing instruments used to temporarily clamp and occlude bleeding vessels. The crushing action on the vascular wall at the site of application stimulates physiological clotting mechanisms. Unlike thumb forceps, they are equipped with a ratchet mechanism that enables to maintain hands-free occlusion.

Desmarres lid retractor. Detachol adhesive remover. diamond rasp. Dietrich coronary artery scissors. dilator. Dingman zygoma hook. distal femoral cutting block. distraction. distraction plug. Dogliotti valvulotome. Dorsey nerve root retractor. double drill sleeve. double-ended knife. down-biting pituitary rongeur. Doyen elevator. Doyen. Scissors, Mayo, Curved, 180mm. 2. Scissors, Mayo, Straight, 180mm. 2. Scissors, Ligature, Spencer. 2. Instrument Container, s/s, With Cover. 2. This Set Contains All The Above Mentioned Instruments Packed In High Quality Stainless Steel Sterilizing Box All These Instruments Are Made of J2 French Stianless Steel. Largest selection of OR Surgical Instruments in stock; for today's shipment. Call 800-221-2166 to utilize our knowledgeable staff & solve your instrument needs

Sklar offers the nation's largest selection of surgical instruments (over 19,000 SKU's), with a lifetime guarantee, excellent prices, and same-day shipping. Choosing the right instrument to match the surgical setting is key to maximizing your budget while providing quality care. Finding all your instrument choices under one roof can be a. uses of surgical clamps Doyen clamps 23. A commonly used scalpel handle used in small animal surgery that is compatible with #10 - #11 - #12 - and #15 Use of suction tips Doyen clamps malleable retractors Bard Parker #3 24. Dissection -sharp cutting Hohmann retractors Castroviejo needle holders Doyen clamps uses of scissors 25 Surgical instruments can vary widely by the field of surgery that they are used in. In general instruments can be divided into five classes by function: Cutting and dissecting instruments: Scalpels, scissors, and saws are the most traditional. Elevators can be both cutting and lifting/retracting. Although the term dissection is broad energy. Optimal Surgical Procedures. To find out more about the many benefits of the Oplight, all you have to do is get in touch with the Clear Surgical team. A better, safer and more practical way to carry out procedures is available right now, so call 0132 4466 887. We look forward to hear from you very soon

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2. Identify instruments for different types of surgical uses. 3. Identify the different parts of instruments. 4. Distinguish the difference between hand -held and powered instruments and flexible and rigid endoscopes. 5. Explain the proper placement of instruments into trays, sets, and containers. 6 A Richardson retractor is a handheld medical instrument used during chest or abdominal surgery. Such retractors feature a handle and a long shaft with a wide hook, known as a blade, at the end. Surgeons use the blade to grasp soft tissue such as skin, muscle, or internal organs. Once the soft tissue is secured, the surgeon pulls and holds the. Doyen Vaginal Retractor OB/GYN Heaney Hysterectomy Retractor OB/GYN Guttman OB/GYN Lateral Vaginal Wall Retractor OB/GYN Reinhoff Retractor Group 1 Oplight uses RF energy only for its internal function. Therefore its RF emissions are very low and not likely to cause any interferenc

1 Doyen Retractor (Bladder Blade) 1 Bull retractor 1 Richardson retractor 4 Ring forceps 1 Rat tooth tissue forcep INSTRUMENTS. APRIL 2012 | The Surgical Technologist | 161 let counts is needed to measure the types and number of blood cells and also to determine if the blood is normal Our gynaecology instruments are designed for the management of the female's reproductive system, pregnancy and childbirth. Gynaecology instruments can be used for procedures such as colposcopy, loop electrical excision procedure (LEEP), endometrial biopsy, IUD insertion, dilation and curettage (D&C), tubal ligation and ovarian cystectomy front 33. back 33. The Omni-Tract is an adjustable urology perineal retractor system. front 34. back 34. A Phaneuf is a hysterectomy instrument used to clamp vessels and uterine ligaments used during a hysterectomy. front 35. back 35. Schroeder is a single toothed tenaculum used to grasp the cervix Cushing Vein Retractor $ 23.50; Deaver Retractor - Flat Handle, Curved End $ 31.50 - $ 33.50; Debakey Vascular Extra Light Needle Holder - Tungsten Carbide $ 35.50 - $ 65.50; Doyen Abdominal Retractors $ 35.50; Farabeuf Retractor $ 18.50 - $ 25.50; Frazier/Dura Skin Hook $ 11.50; Gelpi Retractor $ 21.50 - $ 55.50; Gelpi Retractor.

Aesculap, Inc. Awarded a New, Multi-Year Agreement with Vizient, Inc. Under this agreement, Aesculap is an awarded vendor in the product categories of Cerebral Spinal Fluid Management and Dural Repair. Read More. Tuesday, October 13, 2020 Wertheim Vaginal Retractor With 95mm x 38mm Blade And Cranked Handle 200mm. All Health and Care surgical instruments are theatre quality, and are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards in accordance with British Standard accreditation ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003 and 93 / 42 / EEC. Health and Care surgical instruments are fully reusable Sklar Doyen Abdominal Retractor 2 1/8 x 3 Medium $ 226.12. Sklar Eastman Retractor $ 111.55. Sklar Econo™ Senn Retractor $ 129.24 - $ 133.49. Sklar Farabeuf Retractor (Pack of 2) $ 95.31. Sklar Farr Retractor $ 26.86 - $ 36.96. Sklar Fomon Retractor $ 152.30 - $ 162.04. Sklar Fritsch Retractor $ 366.05. Sklar Gelpi Retractor This is what the book, A Practical Guide to Obstetrics & Gynecology aims to offer by providing the complete coverage of all practical aspects of obstetrics and gynecology from both examination and viva point of view. This is not a quickread handbook just before examinations, but a complete manual, which would serve as a comprehensive. Instrument List. #3 Knife Handle. #7 Knife Handle. 10 Blade. 11 Blade. 15 Blade. 90 Degree Dural Elevator. Adenoid Currette. Adson Bipolar Forceps

Adson forceps: ( ad'sŏn ), a small thumb forceps with two teeth on one tip and one tooth on the other An intrauterine device (IUD) is a form of birth control that your doctor places inside your uterus. Once it's inside, it will protect against pregnancy for up to 10 years, depending on the type. Retractor 16.5 cm , 80mm, 3 X 4 Teeth, Blunt. Retractor 16.5 cm , 80mm, 3 X 4 Teeth, Gross-Maier Dressing Forceps 27.0 cm , Straight. Doyen Mallet 21.0 cm , 35mm Ø, 260G (9 Oz) Yasargil Sharp Pituitary Rongeur 25.5 cm Shaft, 185mm Shaft. Umbilical Scissors Mod. USA 10.5 cm This website uses cookies to improve your experience Vital Quality Meds Medical Equipment Co. ,Ltd Contact information Steel yao Email:steel@medinstru. com Tel::+86-57383768915 Fax:+86-57383667955 www. medinstru. com Less. We welcome you to the printed surgical instruments catalogue With this catalogue we aim to provide a reference guide to the range of surgical instruments that we produce

Description: Parker Retractor 18.0 cm , Set Of 2, 26 X 25mm & 24 X 25mm + 29 X 25mm & 27 X 25 Category: Surgical Instruments - General Surgery - Retractors Product Code: 040-22 tool lanyard protection retractable stainless steel cord retractor for scaffolding, US $ 5 - 8 / Piece, Guangdong, China, DYH, 1.25M.Source from Choice & Chance Hunan Electric Technology Co., Ltd. on Alibaba.com Key Retractor Chain, Key Retractor Chain Suppliers Directory - Find variety Key Retractor Chain Suppliers, Manufacturers, Companies from around the World at chain saw ,gold chains ,key chain, Transmission Chain Find Retractor Abdominal, Surgical Instruments and other equipment for sale at GB Medical Ltd. Find us: 2, Arkwright Gate Andover SP10 3SB Email: sales@gbmedical.co.u Find the perfect Retractor stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Retractor of the highest quality Applied Surgicals - Distributor / Channel Partner of Cesarean Drapes, Baby Tray, Surgical Instruments, LED X-Ray Film Viewers and Forceps & Graspers in Saidapet, Chennai, Tamil Nad

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